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Pierre Marcolini


Pierre Marcolini is one of the few chocolatiers who roasts his cocoa beans himself. This fundamental step, the intensity and duration of which need to be established with precision, guarantees the aroma of the chocolate. For Pierre Marcolini this phase is part of an overall production process which needs to be perfectly mastered for each and every product: from the delivery of the ingredients to the sorting of the beans, the blending, the preparation of ganaches, the tempering and finally the packaging of the chocolates...

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Maison Pierre Marcolini was founded in Brussels in 1995 by Pierre Marcolini, a chocolatier renowned for his expert skill and his passion for creating the world's best chocolates.
Nowadays, Pierre Marcolini is the creative director of Maison Pierre Marcolini, where he has built a reputation not just for his chocolate but for his ethical standards, sourcing premium cocoa directly from independent producers in Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Ghana, Madagascar and Vietnam. 
A leading high-end chocolaterie, Maison Pierre Marcolini, creates exceptional chocolates.


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Every year, Pierre Marcolini travels the world in search of the best raw cocoa: Criollo, Trinitario, Nacional or Forastero… He is always on the lookout for the best ingredients and the best partners, and is personally involved in every step of the production process

Pierre Marcolini is a chocolatier with a passion who always strives for the very best. In his world, simplicity rhymes with enjoyment, sharing, discovery, with a touch of refinement and creativity… And last but not least, with a childhood dream: to give this delicious treat – wrongfully considered a deadly sin –a new image. Sink your teeth into the chocolates created by Pierre Marcolini and you’ll find yourself in heaven…